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Wine Corner

Sauvignon Blanc From Total Wine, Perimeter This dry white wine grape offers distinctive flavors of citrus fruit, melon, fig, herb and sometimes grassiness. Sauvignon Blanc [So-Vin-YAWN-Blonk] can also offer vanilla and creamy flavors when introduced...

Chambliss Wins Senate Run-Off Election In Georgia 0

Footing the bills: GGA’s not far away

by Dolly Purvis It’s December. That means many things, but for those who like to get into an issue ahead of time, it means it won’t be long before the General Assembly has its...

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Touch, sight inform Richard’s pottery  

By Dolly Purvis Artist Adrina Richard likes to touch things. She picks them up and turns them over and over to feel the contours, lines and heft of the object. Color also enthralls her, especially...